Here’s a collection of random facts about myself. Some of them were probably more entertaining for me to write than for you to read.

Basic information

  • I’m male (he/him).
  • I’m from Serbia, and currently living in Switzerland for studies.
  • My aliases online are usually KockaAdmiralac, Novica44, and perapisar.
    • All of these are in Serbian, so the correct pronounciation of “c” is “ts”, but people commonly mispronounce it. It should be KotskaAdmeeralats, not CockaAdmire-a-lack, but it’s an honest mistake to make.
    • When I create bot users, I usually name them KockaBot.


  • I finished my Bachelor’s in Software Engineering from the School of Electrical Engineering, University of Belgrade in September 2023.
    • During my time there, I founded SI Wiki, a collection of useful learning materials for software and computer engineering students at the faculty, which any student can contribute to. It turned out to be an invaluable resource for many, and I hope it keeps being useful for the years to come.
    • I also worked as an Undergraduate Teaching Assistant, helping the TAs during labs and some exams.
  • I’m currently studying Computer Science at ETH Zürich.
  • I’m an associate at the Science and Engineering Center PFE, which is a non-profit organization aiming to bring free scientific and engineering education to all motivated students in Serbia.
    • I have been at PFE’s camps in 2018 and 2019 as a participant, and later joined as an associate.
    • Nowadays, I do system administration work (the website that you see above is actually my and Parag’s work) and participate at the camps as much as time (and location) allows.



  • My preferred communication platform is Discord, where my username is kockaadmiralac.
  • If you send me a friend request out of nowhere, chances are I won’t accept it. I’d at least have to know who you are.
  • I’m usually around the Discord servers of wikis I administrate.


  • I’ve been using Linux since 2014 as an operating system for my server, and since 2017 on my personal laptop. I started with Linux Mint, switched to Manjaro in 2019, and finally to Arch Linux in 2020. I appreciate how much Linux makes my software development experience easier, Arch Linux’s lack of bloat and very simple package management in comparison to other distributions.
  • Software of choice:


  • My first two internships were at the Petlja Foundation in 2019 and 2020. I worked on security, authentication, and on many features of their competition environment, Arena.
  • My next two internships were at the Microsoft Development Center Serbia.
    • First time I worked on integrating math manipulatives into PowerPoint Online and OneNote for desktop (this was an experiment that the team wanted to do, you will probably never see my work in production).
    • Second time I experimented with the effects of video compression on human body reconstruction for the Microsoft Holoportation product.
  • I helped complete the port of OneShot to Linux. I’m not super happy about how it turned out, as I had no idea how packaging Linux apps is supposed to work and just packaged any libraries I thought would be needed, but everything else I contributed should be working as much as possible. (This was volunteer work.)


  • I’ve completed elementary music education for piano (6 years). However, I don’t really play the piano anymore.